The conference

The vision of the conference is the creation of an educational environment, that meets the need of students for knowledge and progress, that motivates and invites them to connect with each other and communicate with teachers. Teachers and students can only together succeed in creating a better world. If we want to know the future, we should start building it today!

ISATT 2019 Theme and Sub-Themes

Education beyond the crisis: new skills, children's rights and teaching contexts

  • Teaching and learning in contemporary society
  • Technology and open education
  • Learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom
  • Teacher education-experiences and challenges
  • Education in a multicultural world

The Papers

The particular interest is to interrogate our own attitudes about education and children's rights in a challenging and constructive way. It is a huge chance to examine attitudes towards and experiences of childhood. The Conference will draw a wide range of thoughts, research and practice from different countries to debate, challenge and re-appraise long held beliefs, attitudes and ways of educating children. Children's own perspectives on their lives and on adults' attitudes towards them will be the focus of this event.

We look forward to receiving your paper proposal/s and participation!

Papers and Publication

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